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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Why choose 121 Care?

Rob Ellis shot blog articleRobert, a client since 2014

I first became involved with 121 Care as a committee member only.  I soon became so impressed with 121’s client centred model that I changed from my previous service provider  to 121 Care.

It seems to me that many care service providers are still run using ‘top down’ fairly inflexible structures where the service user has to fit into their model.

121 Care’s approach gives the client real choice in how much responsibility and control they want to take for their own care plan.

Robert and his wife Michelle (12 Sep 2015)

Mitch, a client since 2015

Mitch Fletcher 121 care shot blog article1My name is David Fletcher and I’m Mitch’s father. I moved to the Sunshine Coast 6 months ago. My partner Nicki and I have 6 children between us. My eldest son, Mitchell has Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy, a terminal muscle wasting disease for which there is currently no cure. Mitchell’s initial life expectancy was 12 years old – he is now 24.

We have been involved with many care organisations over the years but we have been very impressed with the service we have been provided by the team at 121 Care on the Sunshine Coast. Ours is a unique situation in that Mitchell lives with his mother in Toowoomba for 4 weeks, then with us at Peregian Beach for 4 weeks.

We continued this throughout the year using ‘Your Life Your Choice’ with Mitchell coordinating his funding and working hand in hand with 121 Care, to ensure that he has carers when he needs them.

When we first came to the Sunshine Coast we looked around for a support service that we could work with for our specific needs. It was a big move for us leaving Toowoomba and establishing a whole new routine and changing things in Mitchell’s life, which as the disability community knows, is not as easy as it sounds.

We first met Kym the Manager from 121 and then Elaine our Case Manager for Mitchell. We were very impressed with their “can do attitude” and the friendly nature of all of their staff. When we confirmed that we were going to use their service they snapped into action and organised carers for us to meet. This took no more than a week.

The hardest part was that the support workers needed to be able to work 4 weeks about, as Mitch also spends his time in Toowoomba. Ryan, Mitchell’s younger brother and I met the potential carers at a meeting and gave them a brief on Mitchell and his requirements, and what would be expected of them whilst they care for him.

Mitchell is very easy to get along with and for the 14 years we have had carers there has only ever been one that did not suit. The carers that we met had been screened and appeared to be well suited for Mitch and after the first week of his care we were not disappointed.

121 Care continue to be our primary service provider and we extremely happy with how they have made Mitchell feel welcomed into the Sunshine Coast lifestyle. The support workers get him out of the house and are now a part of our extended family.

So to Kym, Elaine and the team we say a big “Thank you”. You made our transition stress free and have helped add more chapters to my son’s life.

Mitch with his father David (21 Sep 2015)

Casey, a client since 2013

Casey Cherry photo Feb14‘Last year I looked for a new service provider as I was unhappy with the services from my current provider. QLA was recommended to me through my Occupational Therapist. I then researched QLA on the Internet to find out more about their services. I’ve now been a QLA client since July 2013 and they have lived up to my expectations.

The biggest benefits being with QLA are choosing my own carers (I have a fantastic team); the flexibility to run my own roster and organise my shifts with my carers; and the office staff who are very helpful when I need something.

I also like that QLA is a small organisation and I don’t have to talk to 10 staff to get what I need, like I had to do with my previous provider. With QLA I don’t feel like I’m a number, but a person’.

Casey has quadriplegia due to a motorbike accident.

Casey enjoying a day out on his boat in Noosa (10 Feb 2014)

Anna, a client since 1997

Photo Ann Manamoli

‘After my assessment with Disability Services I was given 3 options of Service Providers. I picked QLA as it was a local organisation close to my home. The thing I like most about QLA is the staff and their understanding of my situation. They are always there for me. When I have a concern, they don’t leave me hanging, they call me straight away. They also respect my privacy.

The biggest benefit of getting my support through QLA is that I can stay in my own home. The staff members also help me to achieve my goals and offer paid training to our carers to become better workers’.

Ann and Lasaro at Harmony Day Lunch in our office (6 Feb 2014)

David, a client since 1999

David B testimonial 2013‘The thing I like most about QLA is the freedom to interview and choose my own workers, rather than to be allocated workers. It was made clear to me from the start that I would run my own care with my own workers. QLA gave me control rather than telling me what to do.

With QLA I am not dictated to, as with my previous service provider. Although I moved from Sunshine Coast to Kingaroy a few years ago, I still wanted to keep my funding and my care with QLA’

David has quadriplegia due to a motorbike accident.

David painting in his studio ( 25 Sep 2013)


Last updated: 18 November 2015