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Q: Can you tell me more about the organisation?

A: 121 Care Inc. is an incorporated organisation with a constitution, members and a Management Committee.

  • We aim to provide a support service managed by people with a lived experience of disability for people with a disability.
  • We aim to empower and enable people to the greatest extent possible, through securing flexible and responsible networks appropriate to each individual’s life situation.
  • One of our objectives is to maximise the potential of people with a disability to function as independently as possible in personal, domestic, vocational, cultural and recreational environments.

Q: What support can the office team  give me?

A: The office team consist of the following members:

  • A General Manager
  • Client Service Manager – supports clients, families and staff, assists clients with NDIS planning
  • Human Resources and Administration Manager –  Staff training and development, Workplace Health and Safety, Policy, Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinator
  • Accountant
  • A Bookkeeper / Payroll officer
  • Communications Coordinator – social media/media liaison, web site, fundraising
  • Team Leaders – liaise with clients and staff
  • Volunteers – a range of activities, including assisting with office tasks, social visits to clients, peer support

Q: What if I have a complaint?

A: Complaints handling uses a system approach.

121 Care welcomes feedback from clients which will enable the organisation to improve the quality of services.

Clients have the right to complain or express concerns about a service without fear of losing the service or suffering any other recriminations. There is a range of options. The Service User can choose to make a query, express a concern but choose not to formalise their expression or lodge a signed statement to initiate a formal enquiry and handling of the complaint. The office team will ensure that the client is satisfied their query, concern or complaint is properly understood, documented and followed up on.

121 Care’s complaint handling has been streamlined to operate under the Australian Standard for Complaints Handling and Queensland’s Disability Services Standard.

Q: What about Privacy and Confidentiality?

A:  121 Care recognises the right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of life.
121 Care believes that each client has a right to the same level of privacy, dignity and confidentiality expected by other members of society. In addition, the preservation of that right is of paramount importance to service delivery. Workers are required to complete and sign a privacy and confidentiality agreement at the time of their induction.


Last updated:  22 May 2017