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Staff Testimonials

Staff Testimonials


What our staff have to say about us…

“I enjoyed my time working with 121 Care and the client I worked with was great. ”

Peter H., 1/11/16 (former Home Care Employee)


“A big thank you for the payroll information you sent me. It answered all my questions and will be a great resource for me to calculate my income more accurately. I appreciate the time you take to answer ALL of my queries.”

Michelle K., 4/9/16 (current Home Care Employee)


“Hi everyone at 121care, just wanted to say a big Thank you for the movie tickets I received in the post today.  It was a huge surprise, and will be greatly appreciated. From one very happy staff member.”

Sally P., 18/11/15 (current Home Care Employee)


“Hi, I do miss the lovely Queensland winters and not having to wear so many clothes!  I miss working with disabilities too and all the families and support staff – I really loved my job.  Best job I ever had I think, even better than when I was a bank manager – so many rewards with supporting lovely people. Take care and say hi to everyone for me. Regards,”

Eve M., 12/08/15 (former Home Care Employee)


“I received my card and gift certificate today. Thank you so much for both. It was a big surprise and very much appreciated. You guys are wonderful. Have a lovely day!”

Adam D., 18/03/15 (former Home Care Employee)


“To all the guys at 121 Care (QLA), thank you to all at 121 Care (QLA) for all the help you have given me over the years. I have loved working with you all. Thanks”

Gary M., 09/03/15 (former Home Care Employee)


“Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for all you support. Share the chocolates. I’ll remember you all fondly and I go to my next scary challenge. All the best everyone.”

Sigrid A., 03/11/14 (former Office Staff)


Last updated: 19 November 2015