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Help us find D’Wayne some tape recorders

Help us find D’Wayne some tape recorders


This piece of equipment may seem charmingly retro to many but for Sunshine Coast’s D’Wayne, it is a lifeline to the world he cannot see. And it is a lifeline which is in alarmingly short supply.

Beerwah’s D’Wayne, 26, was born blind and autistic and his tape recorders are a way for him to connect with the world through sound. Each day D’Wayne takes out his tape recorder and literally, records his day. Each night, his mum transcribes the tapes from the day so D’Wayne has an audible record of what he has done.

D’Wayne also uses tape recorders to listen to his large collection of tapes.

However, D’Wayne and his family are running out of tape recorders and are looking to stock up now while they may still be able to.

While switching to an iPod or an android phone may seem like a smarter way to go for D’Wayne, new technology is not something he can embrace easily because of his autism. People with autism generally experience difficulty with social interaction and communication and are most comfortable engaging in repetitive behaviours.

However, D’Wayne’s practice of recording his day means he wears out old tape decks pretty quickly. The family has enough for the next few months.

Given D’Wayne’s autism, the type of tape recorder he is familiar with operating is a standard 23cm by 14cm and takes normal tapes.

If you have a tape recorder with these dimensions, D’Wayne and his family want to hear from you. Obviously, donations would be preferable, but the family is able to pay a small sum for any tape recorders which fit the bill. Blank tapes will also be most welcome.

If you can help, or suggest where D’Wayne may be able to source some old-time tape decks, please email social@121care.org.au or call us on 5443 9777.


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