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Colville Lodge / Winston House

Colville Lodge / Winston House

Securing a long term stable home for society’s most vulnerable people

Colville Lodge operates as a supported accommodation business and helps to fill the growing societal need for disadvantaged people to have a sense of place and belonging.

Accommodation is a fundamental need for people with a mental illness, and also for the rest of the community. Without adequate and safe accommodation, effective treatment and rehabilitation strategies cannot be implemented (Burdekin et al. 1993; Shepherd et al. 1996; 1997).

The Lodge provides a stable and safe home for thirty one people from a range of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The majority of its residents have previously struggled to live independently due to severe and persistent mental illness.

The success of Colville Lodge lies inherently in that it operates as a home not just place to live. Residents state that they feel safe, respected and love the sense of community they feel in both the local area and with the other residents. Friendships, inclusion and camaraderie are the norm at Colville Lodge and residents genuinely care for and look out for each other.



Outcomes and Indicators

Stable and secure housing provides multiple benefits for both the individual and society at large. These benefits are well documented and are often a better predictor of reduced hospital admission than clinical interventions.

This delivers community cost savings in the areas of:

  • crisis, police and ambulance call outs
  • emergency departments and hospital admission
  • improved health status, maintenance of symptom stability and overall functioning reducing demand for treatment and care
  • improved sense of belonging and self-worth
  • improved social and economic participation
  • reduced reliance on welfare support and reduced impact on homelessness services

For further information, contact Kym Chomley via email kchomley@121care.org.au



A New Era in Supported Accommodation in Gympie

With a view to empowering people experiencing mental health issues, Winston House has opened in Gympie.

Looking to fill a much needed gap in transitional supported accommodation in the area, Winston House presents an opportunity to provide pathways to an independent life by providing 24/7 support with meals, medication management, health care and personal care.

Opportunities for certified training will be also a valuable part of the service. The focus will be on preparation for transition into independent living. Winston House is committed to presenting opportunities for people on their journey of recovery by encouraging independence and social participation in their community.

Ongoing Support and Assistance
Ongoing assistance to support the development of life skills will include personal care and personal hygiene, social activities, budgeting, meal preparation, networking and the chance of participating in decision-making processes.

24 hour, seven days a week qualified on site staff will ensure the safety and well being of residents. Each tenant has a
furnished and secure room.

Our Model
The model of care in Winston House is focused on equipping individuals to re-engage in the community starting within the community of residents, learning everyday skills such as cooking, basic hygiene and social interactions.

Affordable supported secure accommodation
Opportunity to engage in learning daily living skills
Meals and food preparation skills
Social networking engagement and social activities
Training and education
Ongoing support
Assistance to engage in external supports
Direct payments via Centrepay
Assistance building and maintaining positive relationships
Assistance finding future accommodation
Assistance with accessing public transport
Reduce the likelihood of re-presenting for in-patient care

For further information, contact manager@winstonhouse.org.au