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Noosa Come Together raises $17,100

Thank you Sunshine Coast for helping us to raise an incredible $17,127.46 at this year’s Noosa Come Together festival held on June 11.

In its second year, the Noosa Come Together event attracted around 6,000 people this year who were able to enjoy a glorious Sunshine Coast winter’s day complete with plenty of live music, food stalls, children’s rides and water activities including sailing at Noosaville.

Funds raised from the event are donated to local organisations which provide sporting activities for children with disabilities, including Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club’s Sailability program, Riding for the Disabled and Disabled Surfers Association.

The 121 Care Emergency Fund, which helps people with disabilities living on the Sunshine Coast who are in distress, was also a beneficiary of funds raised on the day.

“It really was an incredible day to see so many people in the community coming out to support a nascent festival like this which we expect will just keep building,” 121 Care General Manager, Kym Chomley, said.

“There is so very much to love about the Sunshine Coast. The weather, the beaches, the bushland and the wonderfully generous community which time and again comes out to show support for locals.

“The money donated to the 121 Care Emergency Fund will help people with disabilities who currently receive inadequate or no government funding to get the support and assistance they need and we are very thankful for the donation.”

Noosa Yacht & Sailing Club Manager, Paul Blundell, said he was thrilled the second Noosa Come Together festival was supported so well by the local community.

In 2016, the inaugural Noosa Come Together festival raised $10,700 which was donated to Sailabillity.

121 Care, Noosa Yacht & Sailing Club and Music4Children would like to thank all those who attended and volunteered on the day, the musicians for generously donating their time and the event’s major sponsors Laguna Real Estate, Coast2Coast Earthmoving and Noosa Graphica.

We’ll see you at next year’s Noosa Come Together festival.

TSS to be reinstated for Queensland

The Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) will be reinstated for those now on the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) by the Queensland Government.

The move is in response to complaints from NDIS participants that their NDIS package does not sufficiently provide for their transport needs.

A national working group has been established to look into the TSS issue.

“The Palaszczuk Government had committed to roll in funding equivalent to the TSS for those participants – on the basis that they would get equivalent support through the NDIS,” Disability Services Minister, Coralee O’Rourke said.

“I have written and spoken to Commonwealth Minister for Social Services Christian Porter on a number of occasions. Minister Porter has acknowledged these concerns and a national working group has been established to work this out.

“While work continues at a national level, Queenslanders should not have to wait.”

Commonwealth Services Minister, Christian Porter, said instead of handing money over to the NDIA (which manages the NDIS), “the Queensland Government has decided, and put to the Commonwealth, that the Department of Transport and Main Roads should continue to administer TSS for NDIS participants, at least for the next 2 years”.

“This will mean the funds are treated as an in-kind contribution to the NDIS.  This will be cost neutral to Queensland, but most importantly it will mean Queenslanders going into the NDIS don’t lose their TSS, and don’t have to worry about getting to their appointments, to visit their families and to get around the community or to their jobs,” Mr Bailey said.

TSS members receive a $25 per trip co-contribution from the Queensland Government.  Of the 53,800 TSS members, it is estimated that 10,600 will be NDIS participants.  At the end of the first year, 1146 TSS members have transitioned, and up to another 1700 may transition in 2017-18. 7,700 TSS members are due to enter the NDIS in 2018-19.

This equates to around $2.4 million in 2017-18, and $6.6 million in 2018-19 worth of taxis subsidies for people with disability.  People whose TSS membership ceased on entry into the NDIS can apply to have their membership reinstated.

121 Care receives QCF grant

121 Care has been awarded a $26,336 capacity building grant from the Queensland Community Foundation.
The funds will be used to implement a new payroll system and for staff development to ensure we are trained and equipped to best serve our clients under the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
“This is an important grant in making sure we have the systems and training in place to allow our clients the smoothest possible transition over to the NDIS,” 121 Care general manager, Kym Chomley, said.
The Queensland Community Foundation is a charitable trust with a group of donors who hope to create an “enduring benefit” for charities.

Jake takes home bronze

I would like to introduce to my son Jake. He is 21 years old and has Spina Bifida. He is studying Linguistics and Japanese at Griffith University (although deferred this semester to concentrate on his training). Jake recently completed in the Under 23 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Toronto Canada, where the Aussie Spinners won the Bronze Medal.

As you can imagine it hasn’t been the easiest road to get Jake to this standard of basketball.

Jake had numerous major operations before the age of 10 and only ever wanted to play team sports. Just after his 10th birthday we introduced him to wheelchair basketball, and although he had another operation just after and needed three months off to recover, he still made it to his first Australian Junior Nationals at the age of 11.

Playing sport has been the best thing we have ever done for Jake; it has improved his self-esteem, confidence and changed the way he sees his disability. He’s made friends, met mentors, Paralympians and, most importantly, found a reason for living.

The road to Toronto has been a long one with a lot more operations in his late teenage years, but when Jake won the player of the match in Australia’s game against Italy, we both think it was the culmination of all the hard work and determination he possesses.

Basketball has also been fantastic for my other children too. My next son down has high functioning autism, and although he cannot spend a lot of time at the courts, always volunteers to help along with his sister at the wheelchair basketball tournament that is held here on the Sunshine Coast.

Having children with disabilities hasn’t always been easy, but it sure does ensure you grow as a parent.

-Sharon Fulwood, Mooloolah Valley.

Noosa Come Together a great success

The Noosa Come Together event, held on June 11 at Noosaville Lions Park, was a stunning success with more than 6,000 locals rocking up to take advantage of some incredible live music, food stalls and rides.

All money raised from the event will be donated to the Sailability program run out of Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club for people with disabilities as well as the Disabled Surfers Association and Riding for the Disabled. The 121 Care Emergency Fund, which helps people with disabilities on the Sunshine Coast who are in distress, will also be a beneficiary of the event.

In 2016, Noosa Come Together raised $10,720 and proceeds are expected to nearly double this year.

“It was such a great event to be a part of,” 121 Care general manager, Kym Chomley, said. “What a great way to bring the community together to raise funds for some very worthwhile causes.

“The music was incredible, the food was great, there were plenty of activities from sailing to rock wall climbing and the weather was close to perfect. We were very lucky to have the support of the community we had and, as always, remain grateful for their support.”

Organiser Oz Balydon said he was delighted with the turnout for the event and the opportunity presented to help the Sunshine Coast showcase such incredibly diverse talent.

“The Sunshine Coast boasts some incredible artists and musicians and we are very pleased they joined together to make Noosa Come Together a wonderful success in its second year,” said Oz, who this year received a Queensland Day Award for his fundraising work.

For more pictures, visit our Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/121careinc/





Mollii Suit on the Sunshine Coast

A of Mollii Suit Clinic – an assistive device for people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, impaired motor skills and spasticity – is now open on the Sunshine Coast.

The Mollii Suit, invented by Swedish research institutes in 2010, prompts the body’s neurological reflexes using electrodes to send mild, low frequency signals to selected muscle groups.

121 Care was the first independent disability support services organisation established on the Sunshine Coast and, this year, is celebrating 25 years of serving the community. If you would like additional information about 121 Care, contact us on 5433 9777 or see our website www.121care.org.au


Accessible beach matting for the Sunshine Coast now a reality

Last week (April April 27), Sunshine Coast Council rolled out accessible beach matting at Alexandra Headland beach making it the first Sunshine Coast beach to have the accessible matting available on a regular basis.

The matting is wheelchair accessible and also handy for those who may be unsteady on their feet such as the elderly, those recovering from illness or surgery and parents with strollers.

Below are some videos and stories on the matting.

121 Care is thrilled to have been a part of this by committing $1,500 towards the purchase of the matting as did Division 8 Councillor Jason O’Pray.

Council has committed funds to ensuring more Sunshine Coast beaches will be accessible later this year, once suitable beaches have been identified. This includes making sure there is sufficient parking and bathroom facilities for people who have disabilities.

The matting will be rolled out by volunteer lifesavers during patrols which are held each Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from the start of September to the end of April.

ROLLED OUT- After several trials of wheelchair friendly beach access mats, the fantastic initiative is now rolling out at Alexandra Headland. Here's our story.

Posted by WIN News Sunshine Coast on Thursday, 27 April 2017


Tania Sherley nearly cried with happiness.A new beach mat will be rolled out every weekend and on public holidays at Alexandra Headland surf club.

Posted by ABC Sunshine Coast on Thursday, 27 April 2017

Beach Mat at Alexandra Headland

Alexandra Headland has become the first beach on the coast to roll out permanent beach matting. www.7News.com.au#7News

Posted by 7 News Sunshine Coast on Thursday, 27 April 2017





121 Care’s 2017 Tax Appeal – it’s a win win situation

Let’s face it, most people love the chance to reduce their tax bill. At 121 Care, we can help you do just that while making sure Sunshine Coasters with disabilities can benefit.

All donations of $2 or more, made to registered charities are tax deductible. This means you can reduce your tax bill by donating to a good cause.

At 121 Care, all donations received are used for our emergency fund which helps people with disabilities in distress receive the help and support they need from receiving emergency care to the provision of mobility equipment.

121 Care was the first independent disability support services organisation established on the Sunshine Coast, celebrating 25 years of providing personalised services. In that time, we have seen the need for emergency help grow year by year.

In the last year, our emergency fund helped many individuals and families including 20-year-old B of Maroochydore.

B receives inadequate government funding placing enormous pressure on his family and his primary carer. The 121 Care emergency fund was able to ensure B received one-on-one care for four hours a week for 12 weeks.

Receiving emergency funding meant B, who is profoundly disabled, requires 24-hour care and is confined to a wheelchair, was able to enjoy being outdoors each week, visiting the beach, being taken for drives and visit the shops.

This provided much needed social interaction for B and allowed his primary carer to have a break from his full-time care each week.

Another recipient of emergency funding was Sunshine Coast mother of three G. Ms G had a stroke and was in desperate need of some short-term support for both her and her teenage children.

121 Care’s Emergency Fund was used to ensure G was bathed and fed daily, that her children were relieved of the burden of her care allowing them to attend school and that the family unit was able to stay intact as G had the support she needed.

The 121 Care emergency fund was also used this year to ensure vulnerable clients, who are often confined to their own homes because of a lack of transport and mobility, were able to have air conditioning installed in their homes. While this may seem a luxury to many of us, some forms of disability mean the individual is unable to regulate their own body temperatures, placing them at serious risk of further health complications.

Having air conditioning, and the ability to control the temperature of one room in their home, provides an important safeguard for their health and reduces the risk of potentially life-threatening h although complications.

With the Federal Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) not being rolled out across the Sunshine Coast until January 2019, we are seeing more and more people with disability in dire need of help. Without an emergency fund, 121 Care would be largely unable to offer the urgent help many of these people need.

Help us to help people with disabilities while reducing your tax liability in the process.

To be eligible for tax savings this financial year, donations must be made before June 30, 2017.

Donations can be made by:

Cheque, cash and money orders payable to 121 Care Inc. mailed to PO Box 368 Cotton Tree Qld, 4558;

By direct bank deposit or internet transfer:

Bank: ANZ

BSB: 014-650

Account: 1109-11032

Name: 121 Care Inc.

Reference: Donation and your name

This is your chance to help us, help others and to reduce your tax bill. Talk about a win-win situation.

Bringing accessibility to the beach

Sunshine Coast Council very quietly rolled out wheelchair accessible matting at Alexandra Headland beach on Saturday, April 8. It was a momentous occasion which finally meant a beach on the paradise which is the Sunshine Coast is now accessible for people in wheelchairs, the elderly, parents using strollers and anyone else who is unsteady on their feet.

Council has advised 121 Care that the matting will now be rolled out regularly on weekends and the hope is Council lifeguards will also come on board with the initiative and roll out the matting during the week as required and requested. (NOTE: the matting will not be rolled out on days when the surf is deemed to be dangerous in the interests of everyone’s safety!).

This is a huge step forward in ensuring the Sunshine Coast is accessible for people of all abilities and ages living and holidaying here and Sunshine Coast Council should be recognised for making this happen. It is understood Council is looking at other beaches and waterways on the Sunshine Coast to assess their suitability for the matting in the future.

A lot of people – individuals and advocacy groups – worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen and all should be congratulated for their work.

121 Care is thrilled to have contributed $1,500 towards the cost of the matting which is now at Alexandra Headland as did local Councillor Jason O’Pray.


Staff training opportunities

At 121 Care, we strive to ensure our staff have the opportunity to access free training allowing them to upskill and to provide the highest level of care for our clients.

This is in keeping with our policy of staff receiving training at a minimum once every three years to ensure their knowledge is current and fulfills the guidelines of our mandatory funding requirements. It is also in keeping with 121 Care staying an employer of choice on the Sunshine Coast by providing training opportunities as part of our professional development strategy.

In developing our training program for 2017, we will be offering a series of classroom and online training with many courses offered at no cost to support staff who will also be paid to attend (First Aid and CPR are exceptions to this).

While not all carers are required to complete all the training on offer – some is dependent on client specific needs – the more courses you complete, the more skills you will have as a support worker increasing the number of potential clients you can care for.

Courses being offered in March will be classroom-based and cover manual handing, assisting with medications and bowel therapy training.  There will be several sessions available on each of these topics to choose from.

Full details of the training courses on offer can be found in the email Frank Deans sent earlier in February. If you would like this sent to you again, please contact Frank on fdeans@121care.org.au

Interested in further increasing your qualifications?

Higher Level Skills (HLS) funding is now available to new and existing staff allowing them to receive nationally recognised qualifications at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

Under the HLS funding, staff who currently hold a Certificate III in Community Services are eligible to up-skill to a Certificate IV or Diploma in Community Services.

For staff who do not hold a Certificate III (in any industry), this is your opportunity to enrol in the new Certificate III Individual Support-Disability. Upon completion of this, you will then be eligible to enrol in the Certificate IV Disability or a Diploma of Community Services.

Under the HLS funding, the student contribution fee is just $5.00 per unit towards a qualification, plus the enrolment fee. The enrolment fees are as follows:

  • Certificate III Individual Support-Disability – $65.00
  • Certificate IV Disability  -$70.00
  • Certificate IV Ageing Support -$90.00
  • Diploma of Community Service -$80.00

If you are interested in this opportunity to increase your qualifications, please contact Frank on fdeans@121care.org.au or call 5443 9777.