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121 Care’s 2017 Tax Appeal – it’s a win win situation

121 Care’s 2017 Tax Appeal – it’s a win win situation

Let’s face it, most people love the chance to reduce their tax bill. At 121 Care, we can help you do just that while making sure Sunshine Coasters with disabilities can benefit.

All donations of $2 or more, made to registered charities are tax deductible. This means you can reduce your tax bill by donating to a good cause.

At 121 Care, all donations received are used for our emergency fund which helps people with disabilities in distress receive the help and support they need from receiving emergency care to the provision of mobility equipment.

121 Care was the first independent disability support services organisation established on the Sunshine Coast, celebrating 25 years of providing personalised services. In that time, we have seen the need for emergency help grow year by year.

In the last year, our emergency fund helped many individuals and families including 20-year-old B of Maroochydore.

B receives inadequate government funding placing enormous pressure on his family and his primary carer. The 121 Care emergency fund was able to ensure B received one-on-one care for four hours a week for 12 weeks.

Receiving emergency funding meant B, who is profoundly disabled, requires 24-hour care and is confined to a wheelchair, was able to enjoy being outdoors each week, visiting the beach, being taken for drives and visit the shops.

This provided much needed social interaction for B and allowed his primary carer to have a break from his full-time care each week.

Another recipient of emergency funding was Sunshine Coast mother of three G. Ms G had a stroke and was in desperate need of some short-term support for both her and her teenage children.

121 Care’s Emergency Fund was used to ensure G was bathed and fed daily, that her children were relieved of the burden of her care allowing them to attend school and that the family unit was able to stay intact as G had the support she needed.

The 121 Care emergency fund was also used this year to ensure vulnerable clients, who are often confined to their own homes because of a lack of transport and mobility, were able to have air conditioning installed in their homes. While this may seem a luxury to many of us, some forms of disability mean the individual is unable to regulate their own body temperatures, placing them at serious risk of further health complications.

Having air conditioning, and the ability to control the temperature of one room in their home, provides an important safeguard for their health and reduces the risk of potentially life-threatening h although complications.

With the Federal Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) not being rolled out across the Sunshine Coast until January 2019, we are seeing more and more people with disability in dire need of help. Without an emergency fund, 121 Care would be largely unable to offer the urgent help many of these people need.

Help us to help people with disabilities while reducing your tax liability in the process.

To be eligible for tax savings this financial year, donations must be made before June 30, 2017.

Donations can be made by:

Cheque, cash and money orders payable to 121 Care Inc. mailed to PO Box 368 Cotton Tree Qld, 4558;

By direct bank deposit or internet transfer:

Bank: ANZ

BSB: 014-650

Account: 1109-11032

Name: 121 Care Inc.

Reference: Donation and your name

This is your chance to help us, help others and to reduce your tax bill. Talk about a win-win situation.

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